Website Design and Development Process

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Website Design and Development

Choosing the Right Web Development Company

Web DevelopmentIt is a fact a website is required to create an internet presence. However it is not sufficient to just create a website; it has to be promoted, updated and maintained on a frequent basis. It may not be possible for the webmaster to handle all this web development work as it is called. A better option would be to hire a competent web development company to take care of all this.

Today, a website development company is not only in charge of choosing and providing your website with a domain name and web hosting service. These companies today are also involved in developing the website through marketing, advertising and promoting the website, producing, implementing and servicing different software and in the overall management of the functioning of a website.

Improve website visibility with the latest technologies

With so many web development companies offering their website development services, it is important that you choose the right and most competent company for your website needs. Basically, different web development companies today cater to the different industry requirements. This is why they tend to specialize in a specific field of web development and may not be able to cater to the web development needs of other industries or websites.

Choose a company that uses the latest technologies so that you are assured that your website will be technologically updated by them.

It is important to keep up with changing technology as outdated technology will only reduce your website visibility and in some cases, may not be supported by some browsers. For maximum visibility, your website should use the latest technology that is supported by all browsers.

Check the company portfolio

Check references of the website development company you plan to hire. Ask friends and family if they have used their services; and if they have how they liked it. If you don’t know anyone who has used a web Development Company’s services, just check the BBB about the reputation and reliability of the company.

On choosing the right website development company for your website, make sure they first understand what you need to be done before you assign their work to them. Website development can be correctly implemented only if they thoroughly understand your website requirements.

It is better to take a look at the portfolio of the company to get an idea of their competence and capability. By doing this, if you don’t find what you want to be implemented in your website in the portfolio, it is better to first clarify once again if they will be able to cater to the web development needs of your website.

Determine your website’s audience

Besides understanding your requirements, the web developer should also determine the intended audience for the website. This helps the web developer determine the keywords the audience will most probably use to carry out searches. This research work should preferably be done before the web design phase of the website so that the right keywords can be rightly placed to increase the search engine ranking of your website.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to choose and use the right web development company for the development and improvement of your website.

Tips for IT Entrepreneurs

Are you a wiz at technology? Do you enjoy building websites? There’s a huge market for Information Technology experts in both the public and private sector.  Do you have what it takes to establish a growing business? Take these key points into consideration when deciding if launching your own business is a good career choice.

You must have a passion for what you do. There must be a market for your product or services. Finally, you must be committed to sound, ethical business principals. When you launch a business, more likely than not, you will be a sole proprietor. That means marketing, product development and delivery as well as client servicing and bookkeeping will all be on your shoulders. Chances are you’ll also be working on a shoe string budget. The overwhelming reason small business do not success is because they have insufficient working capital. In other words, the cash flow just isn’t there. Receivables are often sixty to ninety days out and your mortgage and credit card payments are due next month.  Do you have six months or more in cash reserve from which to live as well as the additional start-up funding needed to launch?

Once the finance issues have been addressed, it’s time to consider the steps necessary to identify prospects and convert them into clients. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a well-tailored suit from  Nordstrom Rack.  You need to dress the part to be taken seriously. Have a stack of business cards and start setting appointments with prospective clients. The most important thing to wear to a sale meeting is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. The most important thing to do at a sale meeting is to listen. This is your opportunity to learn about their business. Only then will you be in the position to make recommendations for solutions using the products or services from your company.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on our way to converting prospect to clients and growing your own business. Always deliver what you promise when you promise it and you’ll have a solid business.

WYSIWYG Web Design Software

There are a number of applications out there that allow you to design websites using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors. We’re going to look at the best web design software that falls into this category. We’ll also look at the benefits of using such software to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

The principle behind WYSIWYG editors is that whatever you see on the page is what you’ll get when your website is published. Basically it gives you an interface where you can build your website exactly how you want it to look when people visit it online.

The most popular web design software packages are Dreamweaver, FrontPage and XSitePro. Adobe Dreamweaver is the professional choice due to its massive range of features and ability to create dynamic websites. The downside being it’s difficult to pick up and use ‘out of the box’ and requires a lot of hours to learn just the basics, especially if you’re new to web design. It’s also expensive to buy.

Microsoft’s FrontPage has a lot of features but often adds needless code to the pages it creates. This can increase page loading times, especially for those who still access the internet using a dial-up connection. It’s not as user-friendly as Dreamweaver and pushes you in the direction of using Microsoft server technologies to build dynamic sites which won’t suit everyone’s needs. On the plus side, FrontPage costs less than Dreamweaver and is slightly easier to learn.

The third and final WYSIWYG web design software we’re going to look at is XSitePro from Intellimon Ltd. This is a relatively new application that has been developed with the novice or internet marketer in mind.

Because the majority of features within Dreamweaver and FrontPage won’t be used by most users, XSitePro has done away with them and left only the tools that novice-to-intermediate web designers need. It’s resulted in an easy-to-use application that can be picked up and used by just about anybody.

The downside to XSitePro is that it’s more difficult to create dynamic sites and has done away with the look and feel of traditional WYSIWYG website software. So if you’re used to working with Dreamweaver or FrontPage then you might find XSitePro hard to get used to.

When it comes to web design software, a WYSIWYG editor is really the only way to go. It makes production time far quicker, but you need to start with the right software.

If you’re a professional web designer and you want to create cutting-edge websites using the latest technologies then without a doubt you need to use Adobe Dreamweaver. It’s amazingly powerful and automates a lot of the common tasks associated with web design.

If you’re not after something quite as feature-packed as Dreamweaver and you’re a fan of Microsoft technologies and you’d like to use them on the web, then FrontPage might be for you. Just don’t go creating large pages as they could take an age to load!

If you’re new to web design or you’d like to get something that doesn’t have the learning time of Dreamweaver or FrontPage then XSitePro is for you. It’s quick to learn, easy to use and can produce truly beautiful sites very quickly. And like Dreamweaver, it automates a lot of the common tasks associated with web design.

Picking the right WYSIWYG web design software is essential to make sure you find web design fun and interesting and not a chore. You should choose based on your skill level and exactly what you want to achieve. That will give you the results you want and will make building websites something you can enjoy for years to come.

Professional Web Design Software

However, it’s understandable that this is just one of their marketing strategies to approach the clients. Everyone knows this and still try to find the best website design software that they could get. So what are you going to consider while searching for the best professional web layout software?

In the very start, when you are still searching for software, you should consider asking yourself: Is this what suits my needs? Would this offer the best website design for me? Questions like these may lead you to considering things first like more research about the software and also reading reviews of other clients who had used the software. In this way you would and you could purchase the best of the best web layout software available and which fits your needs!

Look for these essential details in choosing the Best Professional Website Design Software

– Easy to Use
Most users do not really have extensive training in website designing. Choose effective website design software that will be easy for you to use and manipulate. You should also be familiar with markup languages and other multimedia languages or technologies which may be helpful in your website designing.

– Features
Good web design software will include features like how to insert links, images, tags and other keywords. Other software may offer security features that may help whenever a crash on the website happens.

– Tools
A tool for photo editing and creation wizards produces good website layout software. Server communication utilities integrated into web design programs are also essential for web designing.

– Support
Any high ranking program should include features like email, and other messenger services for easy feedback and quality of service.

– Value
High value, which means high quality software, is the most essential feature.
Whether developing a website for business, pleasure or both, be sure to examine reviews of the best professional website layout software available on the market.

The Importance Of Web Design

The web design of your business-related Internet site is your means of connecting with your audience or potential customers. It is the first impression they get of your brand, so you have to make sure that the images they get are right. Expert web designers Melbourne have the skills and experience to design your website for maximum business benefits.

The Importance Of Design

Your website is the face of your business on the Internet, and that is why the right web design is so important. When you hire the services of highly qualified web designers, you can be sure that your image on the web will be a powerful tool that puts your business message across. Hiring the services of accomplished web experts is not an expense but an investment, for it brings in profits for your business.

Website Design Is Important

Web development of your business website involves improving and strengthening your brand to make you stand out from the competition. Your website will be designed in ways to sell your product more convincingly to your customers. Various methods and techniques are used to create and combine words, fonts, colors, graphics, and images to communicate your message or story to relevant customers.

Every business today has a web presence, and websites are planned to bring in profits through online customers. Web services are a combination of web design and marketing of your services or business on the Internet. Your website design has enormous marketing potential, and having it designed by highly skilled web developers will attract customers to your website.

Aspects Of Design

There are so many factors that go into web design.

* Graphic design and branding: This is important to get your message across and includes images, logo, colors, interactive features, banners, and many other visually attractive items to give brand recognition to customers.
* Web layout: This is how your pages are presented and laid out.
* Navigation: Any visitor to your website should find it user friendly to go through all the areas. This includes accessibility and usability of your website.
* Fonts and typography: The fonts should look attractive and readable at micro- and macrolevels.

Specialized Services

Professional Internet services understand your business website needs and will make your website valuable to readers. They incorporate features that are based on your audience’s needs in every aspect of your website. They know the exact length of each page, what images to input without overdoing it, and which colors to use without overstating. They will include the right amount of text, knowing that most people have shorter attention spans on the Internet, and make sure there are no errors.

Web-related services have trained experts who provide competitive prices for website solutions. Their Internet-related work includes customized solutions to suit your business requirements, that are marketing focused, and that will bring in measurable results. Web design includes many services, such as splash pages, brochure websites, e-commerce, and content management among others. Your business website will be designed and planned systematically to get you profits.

Bali Web Design

We are a Bali based company, our field is in corporate web design, graphic and corporate identity design. Started by friendship, we decided to start our own company which combine the beauties of design and the advance of IT. Established in Bali in 2005, we have developed many project in web development, logo design and graphic design. Our web development and corporate identity clients start from small industry up to effort rapidly grow.

We believe that good taste of design combine with the knowledge of information technology will bring positive impact to you, your company, and your client or consumer. Our motto is “Bring You Closer”, it means that through our service, we will try to bring you closer to your consumer, your clients, your goal, or to the success that you want to reach.

Our logo is the symbol of our passion to the field that we’re in. It also represent the flexibilities in our creativity and service, because we believe that every person or every company have different needs. Some recent clients that choose us as their interactive partner are :

Indographs, SurfTravelOnline, Adang Jaya, Agung Putri, Trade And Industry Departement Of Denpasar and many more that you can see at our portofolio.

When we design a website, besides the beauties and advanced technology we also make your web easy to find and search in Search Engine.

We believe that good sites are shold be :

* According to requirement of your clients

* Build or further reinforce your brand

* Get a loyal user by sending a personal information

* Good taste of design and work properly

Before we establishing a website, we usually spending our time to learn our clients needs and how to build a good sales logic using websites system. We work with our clients to make an interactive concept and design that are manageable and can bring our clients more closer with their company goal.

Animals Can Teach Web Design Professionals

Do you know that Kung Fu masters copy the moves of different animals when they fight? Just like Kung fu, you can also become a master of web design, if you gain inspiration from different animals. We all know that every animal has some kind of qualities and when you blend those qualities in your working style, you can certainly increase your success rate. In this article I will discuss the things that you can learn from different animals.

    1. Lion- Lion is considered as the ruler of the jungle and they are brave enough to challenge almost every animal in the forest. As a web designer, you should also be fearless and take challenges. You must not follow old designing trends. Innovate new designing styles to show the world that you are not a follower; you are here to rule the designing world.
    1. Tiger- Tigers are basically solitary animals. They are ferocious, intelligent and have the courage to attack even an elephant. You should be as courageous as a tiger. Whenever a client offers you a difficult project, take it and show him why you are the best in the business. Tigers follow a strategy to hunt successfully and you also need to plan your designs as soon as you get the project brief from the client. When you work in a web design company, you have to work as a team member, but you need to spend some solitary time to come up with a brilliant designing idea.
    1. Giraffe- Giraffe is one of the tallest animals in the animal kingdom. They can reach high and eat more leaves than any other herbivorous. Compared to other mammals, they also need less time to rest. Like a giraffe you should reach high in web designing business and try to grab as many projects as you can. Sometimes you have to finish large projects within a short time and you should adopt giraffe’s workability to complete the projects before deadline.
    1. Camel- Camel is a very resilient animal that can withstand the scorching heat of desserts and walk for long hours without any water. As a designer, you need to be resilient as well. Sometimes the work environment can be against you and you have to work for long hours to deliver a design. You should not lose patience in such situations and keep your energy to give your client a brilliant design.
    1. Cheetah- Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world and they can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 3 seconds. Sometimes you have to complete a design within a very short time and like a Cheetah; you should find a way to accelerate your speed to meet the deadlines.
    1. Dolphin- Dolphins are intelligent and social animal. They can hear the faintest sound in sea, and use whistles to communicate with other animals and humans. To be a good designer you need to communicate with your clients and listen to their requirements. Like a dolphin, you should also bond with fellow designers and clients to set up a healthy relationship.
    1. Whale- Whales live 90% time underwater and only come up on the surface to breathe once in a while. Therefore they can’t sleep peacefully as they will drown if they sleep. Their brain always keeps working to keep them afloat. Like the whales, our mind never takes complete rest. Most of the times when you go to bed at night, some of the brilliant ideas pop up in your mind. Whenever you find a new design idea, you should immediately draw it on paper so that you don’t forget it.
    1. Turtle- Turtles know the secret of survival. Apart from their long life, they know how to hide from predators and save their life. They can adapt any environment, and survive in deep ocean or on land. You should also take a leave from your hectic life sometime to rejuvenate your creative ideas and restore your concentration level.
  1. Owl- Owl is a master of camouflage and their hunting style is based upon the element of surprise. As a designer, you should also learn the ways to surprise your viewers. Don’t follow the same designing pattern for a long time. Come up with new designing style every time to mesmerize your target audience.

If you can’t adapt all the qualities of these animals, try to merge some of their qualities to improve your efficiency. When you follow the bravery of a tiger or tenacity of a camel, you can certainly improve your career and earn fame as a website design expert.

“Do Follow” Blogs For Web Design Professionals

This Article is a great resource for web deign professionals looking to improve their page rank and includes a list of Friendly “Do Follow” Blogs. These blogs are generally geared toward graphic and web design and I have used each of these to learn more about the field of design.

I created this list of Do Follow Blogs because I was tired of coming across really bad examples of the infamous do follow blog list. Many of the example sites out there with do follow blogs or commenting websites have really old and outdated information regarding the no follow tag, or in a lot of cases they are just crappy multi-level marketing scheme sites.

After doing some of my own research I came up with this great list of friendly blogs for Design Professionals. These are quality sites and I have personally used the content to benefit my own research as a marketer and web designer. Each Blog included here is chock full of quality content from around the world. I find that commenting on blogs to improve page rank and link building can be very useful for an up and coming website, but it must be a strategic process and not sporadic and without care on behalf of the commenter.

Please be sure not to abuse this list as it could lead to permanent changes in one of these do follow blogs structure. Make sure to comment wisely on these blogs and only include comments on blogs that you feel relevant to your field of expertise.

At the time of this posting the Top 10 do follow blog list was accurate and all were checked with the pagelink checker software!

Outsourcing Web Development Services

A business requires a website where the information about the products and services can be showcased easily to a wider audience. Irrespective of the business sector, an eye-catchy website has a potential to attract and retain visitors for a longer time. With huge competition online, it is important to develop a solution that is not only unique but also robust in nature. Hence, the site must be updated regularly and run smoothly with no glitches.

To help such businesses, there are many website development companies that employ the best web development teams. They use the latest technologies in web development to ensure robustness and scalability in the solution. There are many businesses that opt for outsourcing website development companies to reduce their overall cost and improve efficiency of the solution.

Such website development service providers have a team of web developers, web programmers, web designers and subject experts to provide the best website development services at a considerably lower cost. They offer an array of benefits to the businesses by making their investment on development projects successful. The most significant benefits for outsourcing web development services are mentioned below:

1. Outsourcing enables you to save on money without compromising with the quality, effectiveness and timeliness of the solution.

2. The flexible engagement model allows adhering to strict guidelines to deploy the project without any glitches and delays.

3. Knowledge of latest web development technologies allows them to come up with a proven solution that can ensure complete solution functionality

4. Experience also plays an important role in reducing the time taken on completing the project

5. Regular updates allow the clients to monitor the progress report and can bring immediate changes to the project, whenever required.

6. Expertise of web application developers allows you to strengthen your development solution that may not be possible by taking support of in-house developers.

7. Do not require infrastructure, man-power and maintenance services to keep your IT system up-to-date and running.

All these benefits can only be availed if you have chosen the best web development company. With proper research, it will not be difficult to choose a website development firm. When you start working with one of the top web app development firms, you will automatically see the difference in the output level of your business.

Benefits of PHP Web Development Services

In this competition world, the business requires reputation and encouragement through the website to show a profit an industry successfully. The website or web page confirms this objective fully if a website possesses the essential functions for the target audience.

The software industry around the world seems to flourish ever since it has been introduced to this new and well-organized programming language. PHP development services are among those services in which code is deduced by a web server with a PHP processor module which further produces the resulting web page.

PHP helps to design active web pages. Web developers invariably count on PHP for scripting and graphics presentation. Using PHP, website professionals developed several dominant websites that achieved online success.

PHP web services are very versatile in form and open to various gradations to users. Around hundred PHP core functions and a host of other functions through a specific amendment. It documents all the programs in it and acts as a library to store data of the web pages. It helps maintain complete database and even inserts data and updates the data when necessary.

Advantages of Using PHP:

  • User-friendly programming language which handles numerous web applications.
  • Time-saving plan.
  • Very familiar with multiple interfaces.
  • Supporting all operating systems and database.
  • Easily develops web applications.
  • Easy and runs faster than other programming language.
  • Low cost of software growth and preservation rates.

PHP provides no function for thread programming though it supports multiple programming on the POSIX systems. PHP programming language gets widely used for web servers, operating systems and relational database management systems.

Developers use PHP code to create dynamic web page content and dynamic images for the business website. It costs nothing and as well PHP creators offer source code to the developers for website development and customization for personal use.

PHP web development services:

  • Custom PHP development
  • PHP web development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Portal development solutions
  • PHP based CMS development
  • PHP/MySQL development
  • E-commerce development
  • Web application development
  • Corporate website development
  • Open Source CMS Solutions

Website development is an essential requirement for an organization to flourish and the PHP code in a webpage enhances the growth of the company. However, only professionals can provide PHP development services to a company’s website as they can understand the requirement and purpose of developing a website for the company.

PHP is an easy to use Open source; it is mainly independent of platform and is flexible with facilities of enhanced graphics. It runs on Windows or Linux-based servers and saves server costs and maintenance bills.