Great Hosting Deals Are There to Find If You Know Where to Look

If you are in business an essential component these days is having a website and with so many cheap web site hosting deals about you don’t need very much money to get started online. If you know where to look, you can find some exceptional deals, some as low as 1¢. For such a very small sum, you can have your own website, online and usually included in these deals are a free domain name too. That is not a bad way to get started in business.

So how does it work then?

Well the old days of a huge investment in servers and web developers are long dead and gone as the fierce competition in the web host industry have forced companies into providing cheap website hosting. Now just because the hosting is cheap, does not mean it is of poor quality. The hosting companies make their money by having happy businesses host their sites with them month after month and the only way they can do that is to provide impressive quality at a very low price.

These days everyone from small Mom and Pop businesses to large international companies are taking advantage of these cheap web hosting deals. Even the cheapest web host package has an impressive array of facilities for you to create your site.

Depending upon the type of business you are going to run you can have a single page lead generating model or a full shopping cart enabled e-commerce driven product store. If you don’t sell physical goods but offer a service, you too can promote your business with a web site.

So the first thing you need to do as a business is find yourself a web hosting company and preferably one with cheap web hosting. A good package will provide you with your own domain name, the web space on which to host your site and a range of features to support your web presence that will include things such as a shopping cart, database services and e mail. All of this is handled for you by the web hosting company, even with the cheapest of deals.

By shopping around you can get some really good deals with very low hosting fees and top notch facilities. Even the customer service and an important metric – web site availability, are all of the highest standard. The highly competitive nature of the industry means that it is all good news for the consumer – cheap web site hosting and high quality service.

But just having a great web host company doesn’t mean you are going to have a great web site. That is just the start of the journey to having a profitable online presence. A good thing to keep in mind at this early stage of creating your web site is to keep things very simple at first, make it very easy for your customers to use your site and then develop it only as your business develops. And it all starts with choosing the right hosting company.

As a minimum you should expect to have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, 24/7 customer support, a free site builder, an easy to use control panel and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Just a few years ago, that would have been a gold plated service available only at a premium.

However today that is the norm and whilst there is little these companies to do technically to improve the deal (I mean how much unlimited bandwidth can you take!), their only way of competing is to reduce the price and offer great service. So as a new business, or maybe someone just looking to start your own personal website, you are in an excellent position to capitalize on some really great bargains.

Simple Web Design Principles

Simply put, Web Design is the creation and arrangement of web pages that, in turn, make up a website. The result (website) is then delivered to the end-user via the World Wide Web. Here are some basic web design principles that you should be aware of.

Light Design. Simplicity is beauty. Unless it is extremely important, make use of little JavaScript and flash effects as much as possible. It is highly discouraged to utilize them for important functional aspects of you websites, such as site menus. Important information must not be accessible only through flash animation effects or JavaScript instead, they must be made available as text. Take into consideration that images, flash animation and JavaScript will take a longer time to load and, in effect, may not be displayed properly on certain browsers. If the internet connection is slow, your visitor might feel annoyed and close your site instead.

JavaScript and Flash animation effects are hard to index compared to texts. This is the reason why it is harder for websites with too much JavaScript and flash animations to attract organic traffic from search engines. Keep in mind that search engine spiders favor or seek out texts and keywords to understand what the website is all about. Having too much flash or JavaScript content, will only confuse search engine spiders. In the end, they won’t understand what your website is about and leave it unindexed.

Proper Use of Colors. There are some websites that use colors that has the ability to strain the eyes. And because of this it, it makes the website harder to navigate resulting in an unpleasant experience for the users.

As a general rule, never place light-colored text on a darker background. The background’s color must be lighter than text to make it readable. Make sure that the color combination you choose fit and are pleasant to look at.

Take into consideration the proper font size and style. Choose text and font that will be easy to ready. A website with unpleasant color combination and unreadable texts can easily repel visitors and discourage them from returning.

Easy to Navigate. When planning for a web design for your website, always take into consideration your user’s experience. You must design them from the user’s perspective, not yours. If your website has multiple pages, these pages should be easy to access by all visitors. Make use of a simple, text-based navigation bar. Restrain from using flash, images or JavaScript. Make use of CSS as it offers simple, efficient and great-looking navigation bars.

Use CSS. The use of CSS makes it easier for you to design your site. It allows you to present you content in a linear fashion. At the same time, CSS sites are easier and faster to load.

Use PHP. Although slower to load compared to HTML or CSS, they are the best option if you’re making an e-commerce website, blog or community sites.

Choosing the Right Web Development Company

Web DevelopmentIt is a fact a website is required to create an internet presence. However it is not sufficient to just create a website; it has to be promoted, updated and maintained on a frequent basis. It may not be possible for the webmaster to handle all this web development work as it is called. A better option would be to hire a competent web development company to take care of all this.

Today, a website development company is not only in charge of choosing and providing your website with a domain name and web hosting service. These companies today are also involved in developing the website through marketing, advertising and promoting the website, producing, implementing and servicing different software and in the overall management of the functioning of a website.

Improve website visibility with the latest technologies

With so many web development companies offering their website development services, it is important that you choose the right and most competent company for your website needs. Basically, different web development companies today cater to the different industry requirements. This is why they tend to specialize in a specific field of web development and may not be able to cater to the web development needs of other industries or websites.

Choose a company that uses the latest technologies so that you are assured that your website will be technologically updated by them.

It is important to keep up with changing technology as outdated technology will only reduce your website visibility and in some cases, may not be supported by some browsers. For maximum visibility, your website should use the latest technology that is supported by all browsers.

Check the company portfolio

Check references of the website development company you plan to hire. Ask friends and family if they have used their services; and if they have how they liked it. If you don’t know anyone who has used a web Development Company’s services, just check the BBB about the reputation and reliability of the company.

On choosing the right website development company for your website, make sure they first understand what you need to be done before you assign their work to them. Website development can be correctly implemented only if they thoroughly understand your website requirements.

It is better to take a look at the portfolio of the company to get an idea of their competence and capability. By doing this, if you don’t find what you want to be implemented in your website in the portfolio, it is better to first clarify once again if they will be able to cater to the web development needs of your website.

Determine your website’s audience

Besides understanding your requirements, the web developer should also determine the intended audience for the website. This helps the web developer determine the keywords the audience will most probably use to carry out searches. This research work should preferably be done before the web design phase of the website so that the right keywords can be rightly placed to increase the search engine ranking of your website.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to choose and use the right web development company for the development and improvement of your website.

Three Simple Web Design Tips

Whether you’re preparing to design your first website or simply need to modify an existing site, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest web design trends. New technologies and methods are constantly emerging, causing many to question whether their site is truly optimized to the fullest. After all, that increasingly important SEO ranking generally doesn’t just improve on its own. You may be surprised to learn, however, that there are many cost-effective, simple ways to enhance your SEO without spending a fortune.

Embrace Simplicity With A Clean, Uncluttered Website Design

When it comes to creating impact with your web design, sometimes less really can be more. When executed properly, a simple color scheme and modest layout often result in a more effective, eye-catching look. When choosing your color palette, avoid using more than two or three colors – you can always utilize shades of each color for variety. Including more than three colors can lead to an unprofessional or cluttered look, leaving users with a sense of untrustworthiness. In addition, visitors who suffer from color blindness may have difficulty using your website if there are too many color combinations displayed.

So how exactly does color and layout affect SEO? Quite simply, the less complicated your site is, the faster it will load. This is important for two reasons, primarily because site speed is taken into consideration when determining ranking. The faster a page loads, the higher it will rank. Complex web designs that incorporate multiple graphics and videos will inevitably load more slowly. Speed is also important for SEO because visitors quickly get impatient when trying to view a slow-loading page. Often, if a page doesn’t load within a few seconds, people simply give up and move on to another one. At the same time, you certainly don’t want to bore visitors with lackluster content. Consider sourcing a reputable SEO company to help you develop a vibrant, yet optimized web design that suits your style and budget.

Maintain Separate Landing Pages For Each Keyword

If you have done your research, you likely have a list of specific keywords you would like to rank for. These could be representative of the different products or services you sell. Consult your SEO company to discuss the possibility of developing separate landing pages for each keyword, or product – and don’t forget to include keyword-rich title tags and meta descriptions! Not only will separate pages increase your rankings, but it will also result in a more user-friendly website design. This ensures that visitors will land directly in the section of your site most relevant to their initial search, making it much easier for them to make purchases or request information.

Become A Blogger

Publishing a blog to your site on a regular basis may seem like a lot of extra work with little return on investment. However, routinely infusing your site with fresh content is a great way to improve your SEO, as search engines react very favorably to unique content. By updating your blog at least weekly, you can significantly boost your rankings, while also adding an interactive element to your web design. Providing a forum for users to add comments and ask questions increases the likelihood that they will become repeat visitors to your site – and may even share it with friends and family!

Web Design Tips and Tutorials

Did you know that knowing a thing or two about web design is vital piece of knowledge that everyone can make use of? It’s true! Many companies out there prefer hiring internet savvy employees over candidates who have a limited skills set. Knowing how to design a website can help you in so many ways. You can design a website for your company, your business and even just for personal use.

The concept of web design may seem to be difficult for some people. You may think that in order to make a website, you should go to a class that can teach you how to do it. Well, you don’t have to do that. There are many websites out there that can give you design tips and tutorials in the comforts of your own home. You don’t need to spend so much money in enrolling to a class that will also take up much of your time. Learning how to design a website can easily be done during your free time, any time that may be. you can easily learn web design tips just by searching for it in the internet. You’ll soon discover assorted tutorials that can help you in making any kind of website that you want. It’s fast, accessible and most of all, affordable.

So, there you have it, become a vital employee by adding web design to your skills set. Become a smart business owner by designing a website of your products and services or become a creative person with a well-designed website of yourself by following web design tips and tutorials

Great Web Design Ideas

Before taking on web design for your site, it is important to take some time to research and think about what you want the end results to be like before you actually start the work. Although research may be a little tedious, it will determine your success with the design aspect of the site. For this reason, it is important that you put in the effort. Given below are a few tips and ideas that will help you along the way.

Getting the Style Right

The overall style that needs to be achieved will determine other aspects of web design. The style you use should depend on the nature of the company, the products or the services to be marketed and the target audience. For example, a website that offers web hosting or SEO services must have a professional, sleek and simple design. On the other hand, a site that sells toys and products for children must have a fun, colorful and child friendly style.

Color Theme

Next, determining a suitable color theme is also an important aspect of web design. One of the best things to do is to first get a color chart and use tools for selecting the right colors. The color theme used will affect the overall experience and the mood of the visitors and therefore is very important. Colors also have meanings. White is pure and clean while blue is corporate and cool. Yellow and orange are friendly and warm, grey is cool. A blue and white theme is great for professional and corporate designs. Orange and grey can be used for a fun and friendly theme. Using a black background along with colored text is also a good combination.

Graphics and Photos

Once the color selection is complete, the next thing to do is to think about graphics and photographs to be used. A single photograph can say a lot and how you use these photographs can make a lot of different. Try stock photos that will only cost you a very small amount of money. You can also use your own photographs if you have a low budget. You will also require graphic images that are custom made. Various icons for information submission, selection etc will be needed for the website. Creating these graphics will need some skills so you can also get them designed through a professional or search for online tutorials that teach you how to create effects, pattern backgrounds etc. There are several graphic tools like Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator that can be quite helpful.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Designs

Creative web designing is a process that translates the vision of a client who has little skill in developing complex sites. The advantages of developing a website that can be presented online depend largely on the organization and the degree of using the available technology. The extent of the technology that is used is dependent on the budget. When coming up with a budget for designing a website it is critical to understand that the internet is becoming the main platform for advertising and promoting businesses to potential customers around the world 24/7. Therefore, it is necessary to have in place a website that displays the business’s products and/or services effectively.

The website helps the organization to be creative on how it gets to present its information, product and/or service. Furthermore, websites cover a point of contact because they are always live. If a potential customer has heard about the business r but do not have the necessary contacts, they can always turn to the internet to find the contact information. In addition, they will get an opportunity to learn more about the organization and the type of business it is engaged in. If the website is e-commerce enabled, the products and/or service are ready, waiting to be traded. The benefits of outsourcing the web design project a creative professional include:

· Greater flexibility

Professional developers have the capacity of analyzing the organization with the purpose of proposing to the business the best suggestions. The web designer can thus get the opportunity to implement matching solutions that utilize industry standard technologies.

· Technical expertise

Even with a popular feature packed web development software, many technical skills are required in designing a successful website. This will ensure a technically sound web page presence. An expert developer remains ahead of the current trends. They make sure the website is effective by loading up quickly and thus making the site accessible to the wider audience.

· Time savings

Web design is a detailed job that demands time and skill that is often lacking from many of the organizations. As a result, businesses are advised to outsource the web development project to allow the organization to concentrate on other important functions that are critical in ensuring the success of the organization.

· Integrated marketing

Many of the organizations assume that as long as you have constructed the website, the customers will gradually flow in. However, a professional web developer seeks to integrate proven marketing techniques as they develop the website. This helps in ensuring the website is properly designed to attract the targeted traffic and generating sales.

· Improves aesthetics

A professional web developer analyzes the promotional materials to accommodate them into a comprehensive design to ensure successful web presence. This generates a customized marketing presence as opposed to off-the-shelf software that fall short of the desired expectation.

The Home Page is the Face of a Website

Creative web design is what is expected by all the businesses queuing up to have a website. Most of the businesses have realized the relevance of a creative main web page for the success of any website. Most of the people know that there are many movies that have been a success just because of the faces of the actors and actresses. The same way a creative main web page is vital for a successful website. Making of a creative website also depends on to what extent your website differs from the others and regarded as unique.

Let us first see the factors that make the website common and unattractive. The foremost in this list is the text content. Visitors usually do not like to read long sentences and long paragraphs with words or acronyms that they are not aware of. This is followed by stuffing of images and cheap graphics and a confusing layout that can make the navigation very difficult. Bright color scheme can have a negative impact on the visitor.

Longer duration of downloading the website, unexpected music, browser incompatibility, ads that pop up unexpectedly, and outdated information are some other factors that can ruin the impression of website.

No Head Not Tail:

The main web page should make it clear for the visitor the products or services being sold through it. It becomes very irritating when the home page does not reveal what it is selling, the targeted market segment, and finally makes the visitor land in a world of confusion.

Appealing Home Page:

The main web page should be very specific in addressing the visitors. Besides avoiding the pitfalls mentioned above the designer needs to make the main web page user friendly and attractive. Since the home page is the first page that the visitor is going to come across one should remember that the first impression is the last impression. If the home page turns the visitor off, there is hardly and scope of his/her visiting the other web pages.

The schemes and incentive plans should be displayed in the home page itself. There should be arrangement for conducting a search in the website through a search box provided on the home page. This could save a lot of time for the visitor. A glance at the home page should make the visitor feel that the website has been designed after considering his/her needs. The home page should have a box where the visitor can enter his/her email address to receive the latest updates and news about the website. If possible there should be a different page showing the web site layout and the link to this web page should be given on the home page.

The more you make the home page appealing, user friendly and marketing oriented the better are chances of revenue generation. A professional web designer should know how to maximize the attractiveness of the website through a creative web page.

Starting A Web Hosting Business

Have you ever wonder what it takes to be a web host? Usually, people think of a web host as a company that owns a lot of servers and who employs a lot of techies to maintain and solve technical problems. You can actually go into the web hosting business without owning a single server. You can lease server space from an established web host, the resell it under your company name. A lot of people have found this business interesting. If you want to find out more about this business, read on for more information.

Like any other kinds of leases, you have to pay the company a monthly fee for the lease. You lease a certain amount server space and you resell it to your clients. Typically, your clients do not even know who actually owns the servers. As far as they are concerned, you are the web host.

You should find out how the company handles technical problems. When your client experiences a problem with his website, he will contact you because you are his host. Then you, in turn, need to contact the company from which you had leased space. In addition, find out what other technical aspects are handled by the leasing company. Find out their backup schedule or when they need to bring down the server for maintenance.

Once you have your leased space ready to go, figure out how much you will charge your customers. Provide different tiers of service at different prices. Think of incentives that you can provide, like thirteen months for the price of twelve. Offer introductory prices. You can even post your services on something like Craigslist.

Spend some time and effort building up a good reputation. This does not happen overnight, and it will take time. To get some publicity, you can consider offering free hosting to your local non-profit groups. This benefits the organization because they can save money on hosting. It will benefit you by boosting your reputation. When word gets around about your hosting services, customers will come.

Think of a catchy name for your hosting business. The name should be meaningful to you and it should be easy to remember. Choose your company name carefully because it will have a lot to do with your brand image.

Find out all you can about your leasing company and the equipment that they run. Remember, to your customers, you are web host, and a web host should know the technical aspects of the server. Find out what the maintenance schedule is so that you can forewarn your customers about outages. Find out what server software they are using and what type of script support they offer. The more you know, the more helpful you can be to your customers when they ask you technical questions about hosting.

Becoming a web host may not have been foremost in your mind as a viable business for you. However, it is possible and it can quite profitable. Continue to learn more about it, and you may end up with an interesting business.

Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Cheap web hosting plans which powers up millions on millions of small and medium business websites all over the world is the new wave of the future.

Small business companies can host their business website using very cheap web hosting prices. but, with the huge number of hosting providers all over the web, the big and hard question is how can these companies find an affordable web host provider that complements and fits their business requirements?

These companies need to do a good study before making the big decision and choosing a hosting provider, first is to start by writing a list of providers that fit the business needs. Is the web hosting provider flexible and reliable? Is the hosting provider secure and stable? Does the hosting provider provide information and free tools to help the company succeed online? What about bandwidth and web space? Cheap hosting service does not always have a good service, to check this better contact their technical support and check their respond before you actually buy from them.

The second thing is to inspect carefully the cheap hosting plan. The features and growth potentials. If availability is a 24/7. Guarantee that your web site will be always online and uptime reaches 100%. The minimum percentage of uptime should be 99% for a good web hosting provider. If you choose a bad web hosting provider that cannot convey with this requirements, then you are in a bad situation and you need to switch to a different hosting provider. This will brings you back again to the beginning point and need to start again from the start point.

Some other important features like disk space and bandwidth, that can break or make your web business. Another important feature also is the need of constant access to your web site to tweak your pages in an efficient way. A very important advice is, don’t be paying for features you will not use. The smart decision is to pay for what you need, when you need and upgrade later when your business expand.

the third thing to look for is the hosting company itself. You need to do a full research on how long they are in the market, their customers feedback. If they are new and coming from nowhere then you need to look for someone else that has been around for several years.

Other thing to check like backups. Regular backups of the servers are very important to keep your website and data safe. You need a guarantees if the server fails. Make sure that the hosting company is responsible to restore your data again after a failure hard drive or data corruption.

So, how good can a cheap hosting provider go? For some hosting providers, this still means excellent quality features and service, a flexible and great web hosting plan, and a good guarantee that the web hosting company will stand by.

From this article we know that comparing those different cheap web hosting providers is so important. As some companies have a cheap web hosting prices but backed up with excellent services and support. and others are looking only for your money.