The Home Page is the Face of a Website

Creative web design is what is expected by all the businesses queuing up to have a website. Most of the businesses have realized the relevance of a creative main web page for the success of any website. Most of the people know that there are many movies that have been a success just because of the faces of the actors and actresses. The same way a creative main web page is vital for a successful website. Making of a creative website also depends on to what extent your website differs from the others and regarded as unique.

Let us first see the factors that make the website common and unattractive. The foremost in this list is the text content. Visitors usually do not like to read long sentences and long paragraphs with words or acronyms that they are not aware of. This is followed by stuffing of images and cheap graphics and a confusing layout that can make the navigation very difficult. Bright color scheme can have a negative impact on the visitor.

Longer duration of downloading the website, unexpected music, browser incompatibility, ads that pop up unexpectedly, and outdated information are some other factors that can ruin the impression of website.

No Head Not Tail:

The main web page should make it clear for the visitor the products or services being sold through it. It becomes very irritating when the home page does not reveal what it is selling, the targeted market segment, and finally makes the visitor land in a world of confusion.

Appealing Home Page:

The main web page should be very specific in addressing the visitors. Besides avoiding the pitfalls mentioned above the designer needs to make the main web page user friendly and attractive. Since the home page is the first page that the visitor is going to come across one should remember that the first impression is the last impression. If the home page turns the visitor off, there is hardly and scope of his/her visiting the other web pages.

The schemes and incentive plans should be displayed in the home page itself. There should be arrangement for conducting a search in the website through a search box provided on the home page. This could save a lot of time for the visitor. A glance at the home page should make the visitor feel that the website has been designed after considering his/her needs. The home page should have a box where the visitor can enter his/her email address to receive the latest updates and news about the website. If possible there should be a different page showing the web site layout and the link to this web page should be given on the home page.

The more you make the home page appealing, user friendly and marketing oriented the better are chances of revenue generation. A professional web designer should know how to maximize the attractiveness of the website through a creative web page.