Three Simple Web Design Tips

Whether you’re preparing to design your first website or simply need to modify an existing site, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest web design trends. New technologies and methods are constantly emerging, causing many to question whether their site is truly optimized to the fullest. After all, that increasingly important SEO ranking generally doesn’t just improve on its own. You may be surprised to learn, however, that there are many cost-effective, simple ways to enhance your SEO without spending a fortune.

Embrace Simplicity With A Clean, Uncluttered Website Design

When it comes to creating impact with your web design, sometimes less really can be more. When executed properly, a simple color scheme and modest layout often result in a more effective, eye-catching look. When choosing your color palette, avoid using more than two or three colors – you can always utilize shades of each color for variety. Including more than three colors can lead to an unprofessional or cluttered look, leaving users with a sense of untrustworthiness. In addition, visitors who suffer from color blindness may have difficulty using your website if there are too many color combinations displayed.

So how exactly does color and layout affect SEO? Quite simply, the less complicated your site is, the faster it will load. This is important for two reasons, primarily because site speed is taken into consideration when determining ranking. The faster a page loads, the higher it will rank. Complex web designs that incorporate multiple graphics and videos will inevitably load more slowly. Speed is also important for SEO because visitors quickly get impatient when trying to view a slow-loading page. Often, if a page doesn’t load within a few seconds, people simply give up and move on to another one. At the same time, you certainly don’t want to bore visitors with lackluster content. Consider sourcing a reputable SEO company to help you develop a vibrant, yet optimized web design that suits your style and budget.

Maintain Separate Landing Pages For Each Keyword

If you have done your research, you likely have a list of specific keywords you would like to rank for. These could be representative of the different products or services you sell. Consult your SEO company to discuss the possibility of developing separate landing pages for each keyword, or product – and don’t forget to include keyword-rich title tags and meta descriptions! Not only will separate pages increase your rankings, but it will also result in a more user-friendly website design. This ensures that visitors will land directly in the section of your site most relevant to their initial search, making it much easier for them to make purchases or request information.

Become A Blogger

Publishing a blog to your site on a regular basis may seem like a lot of extra work with little return on investment. However, routinely infusing your site with fresh content is a great way to improve your SEO, as search engines react very favorably to unique content. By updating your blog at least weekly, you can significantly boost your rankings, while also adding an interactive element to your web design. Providing a forum for users to add comments and ask questions increases the likelihood that they will become repeat visitors to your site – and may even share it with friends and family!