Tips For Working With Web Designers

You know that your startup business needs a website and a good one at that. So you have made the decision to have one built by a professional web designer. Good call, but there is more to working with a web sit builder than calling them up and telling them you need to be live online in two weeks. Here are some tips for working successfully with a web designer.

Do your homework – Get referrals and recommendations before you hire a web design firm or solo designer, don’t just pick the first one that pops up on your Google search. Really anyone can set themselves up as a “web design expert” so you need to see some evidence that the person or company you are considering can actually get the job done.

Know what you are paying for – Before the actual website construction begins get a written contract that details exactly what you will be paying for and what the web design professional will be doing for their fee. It is not at all unusual for a web designer to request a deposit before they begin work but a reputable one will not ask for their entire fee upfront.

Be Prepared to Collaborate – Many people think that once they have chosen and hired a designer that they can reel off a few specs and requests and sit back and wait for a fantastic finished product to be delivered in a few weeks, no further input needed. In reality your web designer will need a great deal of input from you to create the site the right way, so be prepared to patiently answer their questions and do not be afraid to voice any concerns, a good web designer will listen and taker them into account.

It is also rare that a web designer is the one providing the actual website content that is usually the client’s obligation. Delays in providing the content can hold up the site’s “go live” date by weeks, so if you are suffering from writers block hire someone else to write it for you.